Students are admitted to Victory Prep Christian Academy on a first come, first serve basis. We review every new students enrollment application to ensure that we are a right fit for their need.

Enrollment Procedures

1. Click on the 'NEW STUDENT' link above and complete the online application
2. Collect all required documentation
3. Schedule a meeting with our admissions representative

Students with Disabilities
Understanding that every child learns differently we do accept with disabilities. In order to register a child with disabilities we require a full review of their IEP prior to scheduling the students start date. If a student has an old IEP we will work with the parents through the process of bringing their IEP current.

Victory Prep
Christian Academy
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Books and Registration
Curriculm Fee (grade k)                     $300
CurriculmFee (grades 1-5)                 $300
Curriculm Fee (grades 6-12)               $350
Registration (New Student)         $250
Registration (Returning Students) $200

Tuition w/ tutoring                   $7,500
Tuition w/o tutoring                 $6,000
Special Curriculum                   $1,000
Special Education                     $6,500
Summer School w/ Tutoring     $1,500

Additional Fees
Transportation                                $3,000
Uniforms                                          $150
Educational Field Trip                $200
Evaluation                                 $300
Speech Therapy (per hour)         $75
Tutoring (hourly)                      $100
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Tuition and Fees
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